Saturday, 11 June 2011

The willow warblers have fledged

Three healthy chicks.


They were nesting in the hedge on the top tier and fledged on to the willows by the compost bin.


Cute little brown birds.



  1. Hi Jan,
    You are lucky having willow warblers around. We have blue tits nesting in the wall and about to fledge. Trying to keep the cats out of the way.They're getting on in years but still like to catch birds.

  2. Hallo Janet, blue tits are a joy aren't they? I hope yours fledge safely and avoid the cats. How many of the feline tyrants do you have?

  3. Just the two and although they are getting on a bit still lively enough to chase mice, birds etc.I'm trying to keep them in the house. They are protesting loudly....

  4. How are you,Yan? I was looking froward to reading more of your posts.

  5. Hi Janet, I'm fine thanks. Sorry I'm a very erratic blogger nowadays. Midge Farm is getting more unkempt by the month but that's OK because it brings in the wildlife. I reckon I have willow warblers nesting for the first time this year because my messy gardening allows so many more insects to survive and so feeds the warblers.

  6. That third picture is so adorable I may have to try and paint a version of it - just gorgeous.
    I have just compiled a small ( But hopefully set to expand) list of great Scottish gardening blogs, and have included you in the list - I hope this is okay.
    If you know of any more I have not yet included, please do drop me a comment. Thank you, best wishes, Cat @ Abriachan

  7. Hallo Cat, thank you, I definitely don't deserve a mention as poor old Midge Farm is as neglected as this blog but I am very chuffed to have made it to your list.

  8. Hello again, Yan :-)

    What wonderful images of a bird I've only every had a couple of glimpses of in my garden. I'm guessing they are just passing through... I wonder what are the chances that any of your family will do this year :-)

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  10. You do have a nice blog...such lovely photos. Hope you can return to blogging again some day.

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  13. They wee birds are great! nice picture of them as well.

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