Thursday, 9 June 2011

Under the clouds

It has rained A LOT….and that is all I am going to say about that.

There were a couple of sunny days in April and May. I have the photos to prove it.158

The wild flowers bloomed,


particularly the cuckoo flower which I left last year to self seed all over midge farm because……


… brings in these beauties.



My collared dove with the partial albinism has found a partner this year.Copy of 073

A pair of willow warblers are visiting for the first time. They are nesting either in the garden or very close by as I see them collecting insects all day long.



Midge farm has got jungle fever in the rain.119

midge farm jungle

The birds have got a new bird table which they use mainly as an umbrella,


and I have got a new rhodie which produced these lovely, girly, pink bells.


Two years after they were planted the verbascums are finally establishing and putting on a show.


My lovely song thrushes have also established and produced at least one healthy fledgling.


The gold finches have produced two, although they do look more like drowned rats than fluffy baby birds.


Speaking of rodents, the mouse is back but very much a fair weather visitor, I don’t think she likes getting her fur wet.

mouse may

She would never have dared to sit on the step like this when old fatso was around.


And finally, my new toy, a butterfly feeder, with its first visitor, a hungry red admiral who sat and fed for at least five minutes. I have my fingers crossed that there will be many more over the summer.ra1


  1. Welcome back. I wondered about you. Here you are with all kinds of delightful pics.

  2. Lovely photos. I especially like the little mouse. And where did you get your butterfly feeder? I plant for butterflies and tried putting out a sugar solution which wasn't wildly successful.
    I presume you're on the west coast with all the rain and the midges. You could send some our way on the east. (the rain not the midges!)

  3. Hallo Nell Jean, thanks lovely to see you here again. Blog and garden have both been badly neglected in the last few months but I have holiday coming up so hope to spend some time taming the jungle.

    Hi Janet, thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment. I got my butterfly feeder from the rspb web site:
    Yes Midge Farm is on the West coast on Loch Fyne. While the rest of the country bakes we have had nothing but wind and rain in May. You're welcome to take our rain, from the forecast I think you may have had some of it today.

  4. The wee mouse is brilliant! I want one for my garden.