Sunday, 5 December 2010


We got our share of snow this week. Last Sunday Midge Farm looked like this:



It felt odd taking these shots with no tortie shadow hopping along in my footprints, mithering endlessly about how Cold She Is and Why Are We Outside Anyway? and Isn’t It Time to Put More Cat Food Out?

The garden wasn’t empty though. The birds monitored my every move with pretty much the same attitude as Smudge i.e. what are you doing out here and where’s the food?

snow spugs




It didn’t take them long to empty all the seed feeders once I went back inside. Then they sat around tapping their claws and “tsking” until I came out and filled them again.

snow birds

They’re going through seed at a phenomenal rate. I’m filling the feeders three times a day plus putting out peanut cake and fat balls. Expensive but rewarding because the harsh weather has again brought unusual visitors to the garden. Last year Thor the viking field fare arrived. This year I have had bramblings for the first time. These are much shyer, quieter visitors than Thor and a pleasure to watch in amongst the chaffinches and sparrows. I have two males and a female.


This is one of the Mister Brambles, he has much bolder colouring than the Mrs who is a more subtle creature.

Mr Bramble 142

144 146

And here is Mrs Bramble, who seemed a sweet, shy little bird, hungry but easily bullied by the others.

bramble 081

089 108

I could get used to snow if it brings such pretty things to Midge Farm.