Sunday, 8 August 2010

July to August


This poor robin sums up July, as usual it started to rain at the end of June and just forgot to stop.


At least he has fat cakes to keep his energy up.

There are three robin fledglings in the garden, all very independent and quite strident in their demands that everybody clear out off their patch.


Baby birds have been everywhere. Some fledglings are so cute they look like they should be Bambi’s best friend.


This chaffinch obviously agreed as he fed his fledgling assiduously all day.046043

Much to the sparrow fledgling’s disgust.012

Other bird families are less well mannered. They arrive in a rowdy group and the kids trample their parents underfoot to get at the food.

test 020

I call this pair Asbo and Yob:

test 022

Then there was the blackbird fledgling who sat on top of the food and waited for his father to drop the kibbled peanuts directly into his mouth.218

My favourite was this little goldfinch who did the “feed me” wing wiggle so hopefully at every passing sparrow. 007



Meanwhile the parent bird was stuffing its beak at the feeders muttering, “you’re on your own mate!”


What else?

The bees have been luxuriating in the hawkweed pollen. I’m glad I left it to flower even if it is a weed.

bumble and pollen

The honeysuckle recovered from its severe pruning last year and attracted a lot of attention from the hoverflies.hover

I saw a red admiral on the hebe, so brilliant with its wings open,


and so well camouflaged when it sat on this dead flower with its wings closed.


Loadsa tatties,


courgettes and broadbeans.


and Midgefarm an unkempt jungle.